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88 90 engine light questions


Would anyone be able to enlighten me on what sensors/ situations will
turn on my engine light while driving?

To further explain my question, I would like to state that I am aware
of the memory fault storage and diagnosis procedures.  When I "dump"
the codes on my machine, I get every message in Mr. Bentley's (pretty
much useless) book.  This can't be true, the car wouldn't run.  

So, are there specific sensors (ox sensor, knock sensor, etc) that may
cause the engine light to flicker ( and fully go on and off) while the
car is being driven, or is the light simply an indication that there
are errors stored in memory?

48 state car- not the canadian or the californian model.

Any thoughts or knowledge or experience appreciated.

W/regards to a front end clunk that's been annoying me and other listers,
My control arm bushings are shot (really shot) and will be replaced thurs.
I also need a tie rod end.  I'm skeptical that that will clear my clunk;
the control arm bushings were only 85k highway miles old.  I believe
that there is still a loosey part in there causing undue wear on all the
other parts like my control arm bushings.  

Thanks again,