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Coupe Parts car up for grabs...losing storage space

Get 'em while they're hot!!  My folks are selling their house in NJ (been
on the market for three years, and NOW they sell, after I get a parts car
stored there...gee whiz!)

It is an 85 CGT, silver with a black & grey interior.  

Miles: ???  


Motor:  Head is shot.  Components?  Don't rightly know--it's all there,
A/C, alternator, etc., turns over  fine.    

Interior--a lot of it is simply shot, but the door panels could be OK with
some clean up and new pockets
Instrument console (analog) is not bad at all!  

Window regulators--intact!!  Hooked a battery up to the car, and they went
up and down nicely, thank you very 

Body---ehhh, so-so. As per post last month, two idiot lasndscapers did the
tango on the hood and roof.  Doorskins not too bad, though, fenders pretty
good in general as well.    

Winshield--history (hey, I said it was a parts car!!)  

Car available in parts or as a whole, Let's make a deal!! Located in Toms
River, NJ (about 1 hour north of Atlantic City, on the coast).

Email me for more details, if interested. 

PS: I'\ might be willing to trade the whole damned thing for a steering
rack in very good condition!!

Jonathan Monetti
86 Coupe GT, 91k