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i've got a bit to learn...

Quick note:  More travels to Phoenix (this time of year ?!?)  Took part in
my first ever SCCA solo 2 event last Saturday evening.  Before I go any
farther, a big THANK YOU to Jeff Goggin (audidudi@delphi.com) for inviting
me along and generously sharing his ride ('85 ur-q) for the evening.
needless to say, Jeff has a very nice ride (his ur-q--his 200q is also a
nice ride)--his story on buying the ur-q simply makes me green.  oh well.  

The event was put on by the Phoenix SCCA group.  It was held on a large
black-top are of Firebird, adjacent to the are used by Bondurant's school.
Given the heat here (108 or so day), the event runs at night, with a series
of light generators helping illuminate the course.  With thunderstorms
encroaching the Valley, Jeff and I prayed for rain, but all we got was a
few sprinkles.

Having never partaken in such an event, I deferred to Jeff's suggestions on
run group (there appears to be some choice.)   After registering and going
through tech, Jeff and I walked the course, discussing the way the track
appeared to be set up.  

The track had a 90 degree right turn to enter (get to 2nd gear, keep it
there), with the start lights after this first turn.  on the gas,
immediately hit another 90 degree rt turn, a short straight, brake, then a
nice ~180 left that dumps you into a short (3 cone) slalom.  Exit the
slalom, setup for another 90 right leading to a longer straight--flat out
through this!.  At the end of this straight, brake, 180 right coming back
toward the slalom area, but turn 90 left just before it.  Jeff said he was
flat out through all this--I couldn't do that.  Then a ~120 left leading to
a complex 180 right toward a sort of chicane before the exit box.  

Three runs total, about 6 run groups with as many as 22 or so cars.  Jeff
likely took GS with a 41.645, within striking distance of SS (Corvettes, 8
cyl Camaros & Firebirds) in the 40-41 second range.  TTON was a National
Champ driven-440 with a lawnmower engine and rubber donuts for a
suspension, at 34+seconds.   (my times not to be discussed, though under 50

Comparison with club track days:  Unlike a road course, you can't practice
for each corner--those three runs are it to get it right!  The transitions
are much quicker from one corner to the next and everything happens much
quicker than on the track.  Great bang-for-the-buck:  For $25, you can't
have this much (legal) fun in a car!

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