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Achtung!: European listers

This message is more specifically to the quattro listers from UK and

I know the 1991 (last year) TQC 20V came with a special steering wheel. 
Very basic black leather...three spoke, momo type.  And, it had a small
AudiSport badge on the lower portion of it.

Does anybody know what I'm talking about?  And, does anybody know where
I can find one in real nice condition or new?  Since these were never
imported overseas, I figure it is useless to find such a part in the US

Any idea on cost?  Can these be had for under $100 US dollars?
What about shipping?  Is that a big deal?

Were there any other special "sport" steering wheels that never made it
to the US?  I'd love something in suede?  The BMW M3 Evo's came with
suede, rally-type steering wheels.  

Any listers that could help, that would be great.  Looking to put this
on a 5KCSTQ.  Phil Payne, Dave Eaton (who owns one), Tom Nas, etc...???