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Re: ur-quattro oil temperatures

the 20v posts about the same temperatures when you're moving.  if it goes
higher, you're trying hard...

interestingly, my old s2 (same motor as the 20v) posted lower temperatures with
about 110 during fast driving, but the rs2 is lower again.  i really struggle
to get the rs2 above 100.  normal fast driving is about 90.

i guess audi have worked on improving the oil cooling over the generations.  it
has made be think about improving the oil cooling of the ur-q.  any ideas out

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>> On another note, MB engine owners, how far up the scale does your oil 
>> temperature go, when your "making progress where others can't"? ;-)
>> Im getting to just over half way up the scale (130+).
>That's about right.  It shouldn't go much above 130c if you're moving.