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Audi 200 Turbo boost control functions

Car is 1987 mechanically injected 200 turbo, 2 WD. I am wondering if the 
only boost control is via the wastegate spring and manifold pressure.The 
reason I am curious is that the car displays excellent part (half to two 
thirds) throttle acceleration,but on full throttle,there is a noticeable 
drop in acceleration.Lifting off will often produce _better_ acceleration.

Is there a knock sensor that may be coming into play,although I would 
expect this to kick in around maximum torque RPM, not just on full 
throttle.What does the throttle switch do?

I am leading up to trying to improve top end performance.Maybe the airflow 
from the turbo is the limiting factor,and it is plain designed to operate 
best at mid range...?

Thanks for any info from those who have experimented more with these 

BTW,any idea how much extra torque the auto box / differential will stand 
without becoming unreliable?

    Best Regards,
                 Chris Wilson