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Other peoples parking

Less than a month ago my company changed its parking rules - any one who 
doesn't drive a company car, no matter what grade they are, has to park in our 
open car park.
This has meant that I can no longer park my Urq in the high security 
underground park.
This evening I left work to find that some (expletive deleted) person had 
driven into the rear bumper of my car. Luckily they must have been moving 
quite slowly because the only visible damage is that the right hand end is 
about an inch closer to the bumper surround than the left, if you dont know 
the car you might not notice it straight away, but to me it was immediately 
Considering the cost of a bumper and the fact that the company 'is not 
responsible for any damage to vehicles no matter how caused', I am hopeing 
that the damage is going to be something like a bent bracket.

I am not a happy person tonight.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro