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parts for sale

All Parts are from a 1990 Audi V8 with a platinum gray interior

Bose stereo (frt. And rear speakers and head unit)
Headliner with sunroof cover, light and sunroof control 
(off white in color)                                                      $60 
Upper Dash (pad with speaker grills)        	                          $100
Front armrest (phone style, No phone)	                                  $70
Interior door panels 
(includes door handle and ashtray, but not latch handle)                  $75 ea
Gray carpet (does not include quattro floor mats) 	                  $50
Rear seat with headrests 
(with seat heater, does not include rear armrest or ski sack)	          $150
Front passenger seat ( comfort style )	                                  $150
Center post trim (each side)	                                          $50 ea
Rear upper corner trim (by rear window)	                                  $25 ea
Front upper corner trim (by rear windshield)	                          $25 ea
Center console (with side trim, no electrical)	                          $150
Front dash wood (does not include door panel trim)	                  $100
Automatic shifter knob	                                                  $25
Headliner assist handle (with lights)	                                  $15 
Interior door latch handles 	                                          $15 ea
Drivers seat headrest 	                                                  $20
Door way sills	                                                          $20 ea
Side kick (passenger side is fuse cover panel )
$20 ea 
Lower dash kick panel under steering wheel	                          $40
Steering wheel (leather is very worn, no airbag)	                  $150
Door weather stripping (gray velour)	                                  $40 ea
Trunk seal 	                                                          $30
Door frame gray (does not include power window track)	                  $35 ea
Door glass	                                                          $25 ea	
5th brake light	                                                          $15
Automatic shift selector (corner of plastic trim broken)	          $50
Sport/manual/economy switch	                                          $20
Exterior doors (no frame)	                                          $vary 
Rear trunk lock (1991 V8)	                                          $35
hood release handle 	                                                  $10 	

Pearl white BBS center cap 	                                          $15
Lock tumblers (fit vw, Audi and Porsche)	                          $0.50 ea

Prices do not include shipping.

If you looking for something let me know I have not posted everything.

(303) 914 0537

Robert Kanok
11122 W Oregon Pl.
Lakewood CO 80232