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Re: Best tank for fast city driving?

Huw Powell wrote:
> -- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --
> >>From the "You missed the point department," NO car is good for fast city
> driving.........period.
> agreed
> >the Plymouth Valiant Slant 6...an army style totally reliable utility
> vehicle if there ever was one - Royal
> A guy who works for me has a 66 Valiant (beige) with a worked over slant 6.
> Looks good, runs great, and he just had it appraised (for insurance purposes
> ) at $7000!  When does my 82 coupe start to acquire value?
> Huw Powell
> HUMAN Speakers
> http://www.thebook.com/human-speakers

So far, I prefere the German "Jagdtiger" or the Soviet T-34. They:
  1) will scare the drivers with the big gun. My car (an old Ford
     Fairmont) got a 9mm in the bumper as I drove it in East Palo
     Alto. Well, if you are in a Jagdtiger or T-34 you have a second
     chance - and a larger caliber.
  2) will scare them even more with a "cool" swastika or the red star
  3) will blow up any 66 Valiant in pieces if the later will try to
     pass them
  4) they don't have a problem with the parking in the city (in the
     case if there is no parking space - it can be made quickly on
     the spot.

Unfortunately, I could not find any of these at Anderson-Behel Audi
and bought an A6 QW instead.
I have no idea, what would be the insurance on T-34. Actually, I don't
believe an insurance clerk would have enough courage to quote you a
high rate if you appear in a green T-34 with a red star and loaded
gun at his door. (However, as I know, Jagdtiger had a bigger, i.e. more
scary gun and was assembled at Porsche). I just hope, MNBA will offer
us the rebate on our VW cards if we decide to get the Jagdtiger.



Sorry, I wrote all this stupidity in the lieu of the idea to close this
thread. This had at least some VW-related info... So, Porsche ws making
some decent tanks during WW-II. I like my wife's car, but I have to admit,
the most crappy tanks (and bad planes) during WW-II where made by Mitsubishi.