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RE: Hood cable on 4KCSQ

Jeffrey wrote:

	>My hood cable snapped yesterday right where the cable is
connected to the
	>hood release handle.  I've picked up a new cable and handle
today and would
	>like to know if anyone has experience with installing it, any
tricks or tips
	>would be great.
	>On another note, how does one get the hood open without the
assistance of
	>the hood cable?  I may need to do this if I am unable to pull
at the cable
	>from behind the lower dash.

Jeffrey, I don't know if it is of any value to you since I have an 5K,
but maybe the design of hood lock is similar. My hood cable broke under
the hood. There are two metal hooks that need to be pulled to open the
hood. I was able to do this with a wire working throuh the grille. I
knew one can learn new things working on the Audi, but I never expected
burglary is one of them! :-)