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V8 Stink'in Badges

     From the sales training information 1991 V8 engineering factbook: 
          "The utter absence of a transom badge is one of the V8 Quattro's 
     distinctive styling cues, one that, for 1991, it shares with the 200 
     Quattro. In Europe, upscale car buyers routinely mark their order 
     forms for "no badges"; it's considered a sign of understated good 
     taste. Here in the United States, Audi believes that the new class of 
     upmarket car purchaser will prefer the same unpretentious approach to 
     ownership."  The badges appeared in 92. I even considered getting them
     for my V8 after having to prove that Audi really did make a V8, even
     yesterday getting the car inspected; what's that, a 5 cyl? no, a V8,
     Audi makes A V8? 
     -Chris  90 V8Q
      Hughes Aircraft
      Hartwell Ave
      Lexington, Ma