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Water leaks (wet driver foot well)

This morning I noticed that the floor mat in the driver side foot well was
soaked. (Its a '94 90CSQ).

The car sits out all day and all night. (No garage. :-( ) While it didn't
rain last night, it rained hard a 2 or 3 nights ago. I didn't notice any
wetness yesterday though (probably because a] the mats are black, and b] I
had no reason to be putting my hands down there yesterday).

The wetness this morning was quite wet. I could not detect any particular
odor, though, like AC moisture or anything else. My guess is its rain
water, but I could certainly be wrong.

So: Where might I look for clogged/plugged-up water drains or runways?

What other causes might there be?

This is just the kind of thing I don't wont to send a dealer looking for.
They'll never find anything. But at the same time, I really want to fix this!

Thanks in advance,

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