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Re: Speaking of Lime Rock..Who's Going? Other Plans?

In a message dated 97-08-07 06:49:15 EDT, you write:

<< Yep... I'll be there... with new, wider tires (215/60/15 Comp T/A VR4s), a
new sport muffler, and new Bilsteins at all four corners.
 With all that, I guess you could say that I'm planning on having an even
better time this year.... :-)
 I'm not sure yet of when I'll be heading up... most likely on Sat.... but
for sure, I'll be there on Sunday afternoon for tech inspection.
 See you all up there!!

Speaking of, I plan to be there on Mon and Tue.  Due to lack of money, I was
unable to aquire a spot.  Maybe next year, eh?  I'm still a little bummed
about it.  I was wondering...Does anyone who's going have a spare bed that I
could buy for the night?  It's a longer story on why I could get
BTW, I hope to have the Stebro Exhaust on my 86 4000CSQ by then....if anyone
wants to see, and hear...
Carter Johnson
86 4000CSQ (Track ready...but no track yet....)