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Re: Audi Sport 3-spoke wheel

There is wheel as below:

"Audi Sport" 3-Speichen Lederlenkrad
Durchmesser: 350mm
Farbe: Schwarz	
893 064 241 A 041
Nicht geeignet fuer Fahrzeuge mit einem in das Lenkrad integrierten
Rueckhaltesystem (Airbag). 
Anatomisch geformter Krantz mit PUR-Schaum ummantelt.  Mit echtem
Kalbsleder bezogen.  Handvernäht mit durhlaufendem, schweiss- und
säurebeständigem Faden.
Hupenkontakt im Mittelteil integriert.
Lederpralkissen mit emailliertem Emblem "Audi Sport" und Identity Farben.
Achtung!  Auch fuer Fahrzeuge mit procon-ten System!

End of german lesson for today.

the adapters are as follows:

811 064 715 B Audi quattro (Typ 85), Audi 80/90 (Typ 81/ 85 )
811 064 706 B Audi 80/90/Coupe (Typ 89/89Q/B4/P1), Audi 100/200 (Typ 44/C4)

note: Nicht fuer Fahrzeuge mit winkelverstellbarer Lenksäule. (ie. not for

Price for wheel here is FIM 2 055.00, adapter FIM 588.00.  Avaialbility on
this type of item when it becomes past a couple of yoears old becomes
questionable.  They come from Votex, and they seem to be the slowest of all
in delivery of parts.

I would think that the part is available to order in US with the part
numbers, and if not, the part prices here certainly are higher than those
in some of the other EU countries.

Jouko Haapanen

> From: Hussey, Dan <husseyd@rayovac.com>
> To: 'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'
> Subject: Achtung!: European listers
> Date: 7. elokuuta 1997 01:18
> This message is more specifically to the quattro listers from UK and
> europe:
> I know the 1991 (last year) TQC 20V came with a special steering wheel. 
> Very basic black leather...three spoke, momo type.  And, it had a small
> AudiSport badge on the lower portion of it.
> Does anybody know what I'm talking about?  And, does anybody know where
> I can find one in real nice condition or new?  Since these were never
> imported overseas, I figure it is useless to find such a part in the US
> Any idea on cost?  Can these be had for under $100 US dollars?
> What about shipping?  Is that a big deal?
> Were there any other special "sport" steering wheels that never made it
> to the US?  I'd love something in suede?  The BMW M3 Evo's came with
> suede, rally-type steering wheels.  
> Any listers that could help, that would be great.  Looking to put this
> on a 5KCSTQ.  Phil Payne, Dave Eaton (who owns one), Tom Nas, etc...???
> Thanks!
> Later,
> Dan