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RE: RE: NEQ Corral '97 - Audi-Mt. Washington Hillclimb

 Steven Buchholz was saying:
>> and now I am downright pissed off at them that they
>>would have such a reaction to the storm fencing incident ... What
>>did they spend, $50 to make it!?

You're missing the point Steven.  The NEQ was an invited guest.  Invited
guests should not take things from their hosts, no matter the value.  I
talked to a representative of AoA at the event and was told that at the end
of the season that he would see about donating a whole bunch of stuff to
the NEQ (organizers of the corral).  That is the proper way to handle such
This incident was embarrassing for me as I was the registrar for the event.
I do know what happened to the blue fencing, but I didn't have the "balls"
to say anything.  All I did was stand and watch and then refuse a piece of
it when offered.  To say the least, this put me in a very uncomfortable

>> Wow ... this is
>>really getting to me ... perhaps I should get rid of all of my Audis
>>and give AoA the finger!

With all due respect, you bought a product from a company that is in
business to make a profit.  How Audi chooses to do that in terms of
marketing and advertising really shouldn't drive one to such distraction.
If you don't approve, you should talk with your dollars, but don't lose
sleep over it.

>> I vote for someone taking the "storm fen-
>>cing" back to the Audi folks and burning it on their front lawn!
>>If someone does do this, make sure that someone from the media is
>>present to report it ... AutoWeek might be a good candidate.

Who are you suggesting do this?  As far as I know the list doesn't have a
Grand Wizard.
I have said my last on this subject.