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RE: fuel sys pressurization

Mark wrote:

	>I replaced my check valve on my fuel pump and noticed after
	>I put everything back together and tripped the fuel pump (so's
it can
	>pressurize the system) it took awhile, is this normal? How long
	>it take for the fuel system to pressurize after the intake line
has drained
	>out? I let the pump stay on for a bit and then tried to start
the car, it
	>took about 12 times until it turned over.

I remember when I first replaced fuel filter I was also surprised how
long did I have to crank the engine before it started. Seems normal to

	> One thing I did notice the car
	>now starts up rather quickly on warm-starts, however still
	>on a coldstart, and after it starts it runs at about 1000 rpm's
for a few
	>seconds and the drops below 500 and stalls. Should I just
replace the
	>pump all together (is it bad?) or did I severly mess something
up. Thanks
	>for any info.

Well, if it stalls, apparently something needs to be fixed. Did it act
like this before you changed the check valve? If not, then you messed
something up. But it rather sounds like a problem associated with cold
start valve or warm-up regulator. Is your pump noisy? Those pumps
usually begin to make lot of noise long before they fail. If your car
stalls only when cold and otherwise runs good, I wouldn't blame the
pump, but you may have your dealer test it with pressure gauges to make
sure it is OK. Good luck!