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Re: Water leaks (wet driver foot well)

Well, I've received a number of good ideas:

1. Windshield leak
2. AC leak
3. Sunroof drain(s) clogged
4. Firewall leak

I think an AC leak is ruled out. I hear they usually manifest themselves in
the passenger side footwell. My leak is in the driver side footwell, and I
just had the AC drain hose replaced.

Since it rained 2 days ago and I only noticed the water today, I tend to
think the sunroof drains might be the culprit, and I'd like to check them

Can anyone tell me the procedure for locating and checking these drains?

If I only have water in the driver side footwell (and not say, behind the
driver seat), is it safe to assume the problem is limited to just one of
the sunroof drains (if its the sunroof drains at all)?

There is a place I can leave the car and for $40/hour they will locate the
leak for me. I'd rather not do that though...

Any other suggestions for things to check myself are greatly appreciated.

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