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Re: Urq Colors

Andrew Pennell wrote:
> I have an 81 TQC. I have always thought it was Mars Red. However, I recently refinished the sunroof. I had the paint mixed by a professional using the specs listed for the Audi Mars Red color, but the result was much different. I expected to have some difference due to the age of the car, the effects of fading, and the fact that you can never match a 15 year old color perfectly, but the difference is too much to be because of fading. The color does not even come close to the color inside of the
>         Are there two different specs for Mars Red? Could the difference in fact be bacause of age? Or is it possible that the paint was mixed improperly. TIA - Andrew

Most paint colors have varience colors because of slight differences
between batches.  I will look up any variences at work and get back to
you with the color codes.