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Audi Coupe, meet Acura Integra, help, and long

Well all, i had a very interesting morning.  I was driving to work and i 
was coming down a slight hill and coming up to a blind turn whre you can 
either go straight or go right, i usually go straight, but when i finally 
had vision to see if anyone was coming, there was a black integra right 
there.  I would have been able to stop, but the city of San Francisco 
decided that that is a good place to drill holes in the road to drain 
water from the hill that is right there.  So this water, which flows all 
the time, had saturated the ground in the morning and had covered the 
road with a nice layer of water, caused my wheels to lock up and lose 
traction completely and i skidded into her drivers door.  we are both ok, 
i was maybe down to about 10mph by the time i hit her, i wasnt even 
speeding as there is a very sharp right hander just above this.  Her car 
is pretty bad, she needs a new door, but mine looks to be in pretty good 
shape, the bumper on my car crushed her door below the reinforcement 
beam, but it tore some of the black trim off and there is som other 
damage, it pushed the whole thing about an inch or two towards the wheel, 
and thankfully, there is about half an inch of clearance, so it is 
driveable.  The beam in the door was perfectly placed in the door to be 
at the height of my headlights, so my drivers headlight was pushed to 
about a 60 degree angle or so facing that way to the left.  The hood was 
bent in the corner, the front quarter panel was damaged, the 
parking/driving light was obliterated, the chrome on the top of the 
bumper was damaged, the black, whatever material, that the grill is made 
of, jsut the parts above and below the headlight were destroyed.  What 
else, hmm...that is about it, it is funny, i cant even tell that there is 
damage to the car when driving it, i cant see any nor can i feel any 
difference in the way th car drives.  Amazingly, the radiator was saved 
by about a millimeter of clearance between it and the headlight.  

While it doesnt look THAT bad, the estimate i got today is 1779 bucks!  

Here are the parts and the prioces that i was given:

Replace front bumper cover: 321 dollars (!)- does anyone know where ican 
get this cheaper?  color doesnt really matter, it will be painted anyway

RT and LT parking lamp: 31.75

filler moulding center (?): 101 86

""       ""     lt outer:  89.75

replace headlight assy.:  47.65

he is going to straighten the fender, but how much do they cost?

straightening the hood too...how much for another one??/

LT upper headlight moulding:  14.55

well, that is the breakdown of the parts only...is there anywhere that 
you guys can think of that i cna get better prices, this is important, i 
dont htink that my father will be willing to put out that much money.  
And because i only have liabilty, and they will code this as my fault, 
even though i think that the city is more at fault than me, so the 
einsurance wont pay for me.  My father and i are thinking of taking the 
city to small claims court for the damage, as he is an attourney, we 
wouldnt need to hire one.  what do you guys think.  Any, and all, help 
that you can give is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Michael Sheridan Williams
1985 Coupe GT
163,000+ miles