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Re: I lied...NEQ '97 MW: Hillclimb

>  >>control for the thrill of empowerment.  Being too anal about rules
>  >>takes away from the event.
> I lied..my last missive was not my last word.
> The comments above have no relevance to the NEQ Part of The Event at MW.
> They will not be next year either, I can assure you.

Didn't say they did.  Forgive me if I am wrong, but NEQ provided for
a nice parking area at the base, charged $20 for tshirts (which I understand
was a no-profit item), and...?   Since there were no real "rules", my
comments could not apply to NEQ.   As far as I know, I followed all
mountain rules.
> This is not about me, this is about my friends, fellow enthusiasts, and
> people
> trying to do something for you to have FUN without asking for anything in
> return.
> Nice going.

Paul, Paul, chill dude.  Nobody is pissing on "your" event.

Fact is, Bob was told incorrectly that a red Audi (which I assume was mine
as I was last down the mountain) was up there without permission.

Fact is, the mountain should have been more flexible in recognizing that
without the course workers and corral members, there would not have been
an event, so was it really that important to milk us for an extra $20?
(we paid anyway - thanks Jim).

Fact is - someone "made off" with a section of fence that was assumed to
be disposable.  If AoA can't recognize the fact that this equates to 
inexpensive advertising, perhaps I should apply to their marketing dept,
as even I can grasp that one.  Nonetheless, if someone is upset about it,
I can arrange for the fence's safe return.  I have a feeling this 
was a local dealer item and they are probably more penny-conscious
about these things.  Send me a bill.

Yes, we all had a great time out there.  But it was perhaps as much due
to the existence of this list and the energy and cameraderie of the list
members (like when we went out for Mexican) as to the efforts of NEQ.
Cmon Paul, you and I both showed up last year on our own and worked corners
- did we have any less fun?

No one is questioning whether NEQ is right or wrong here, which I know
you take personally.  In fact, I'll admit that as a guest of NEQ,
I may have put your group in a bad light.  Sorry Paul.

| Dan |