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Re: 20V steering wheel


i think you'd be very lucky to get a 20v owner to part with their wheel ;-)

the s2 wheel was different, larger and not the same feel, although it was an
audi item from what i understand.

i don't think that any other audi came with the personal wheel of the 20v ur-q,
and i don't know of personal's contact details.  to my mind, its worth the
money on an ur-q...

good luck.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>>From: 	Hussey, Dan
>>Sent: 	Thursday, August 07, 1997 2:54 PM
>>Thanks for responding to my post!  This I believe is the exact wheel I
>>am looking for if it sounds like the one I described.  Yes, it looked
>>like a Personal and that happens to be my favorite type of wheel.  
>>Can these be had used anywhere?  Or, new for a fair price?  Was the
>>'90-'91 TQC 20V the only car that steering wheel ever came on?  I am
>>looking for one used in maybee the $100 range if at all possible.  I
>>always have it recoverd by a leather shop here in the states.  Just the
>>overall condition of the wheel has to be good.  Any leads would be
>>Also, did the S2 Coupe come with the same steering wheel.  I think they
>>were different if my memory serves me, but just wanted to check.