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audi gods piss on me

See Paul, I got my just desserts.
Leaving for NYC this morning, I checked the oil on the 85 4kq.
Nothing.  I pour in one quart, two, three!  Finally the level is
normal.  I ask my wife if she noticed anything odd, puddles, lights?
"Oh yeah, the genie lamp was flashing".  FOR HOW LONG?  
"Oh, a couple of days..."


We drove the car down (she did rather) and this evening I noticed a
knocking.  I'm going to do an oil change, but I suspect bearing knock.
In addition, the right rear wheel bearing which has been going bad 
may be seizing, as that wheel is dragging.  Either that, or the
caliper is seized, which is what happened to my 84 yesterday down
on Houston St (lovely place to crawl under the car).

Anyone have a spare engine?  Chris?
Hmm, sell the 84, get her a RAV4 or a Forester, and turbo
the 85?   It would be a plan if it didn't also need a full
suspension, 3 wheel bearings, etc.  Plus I don't have
20k for a piece of crap Toyota...  Hey, I hear those run
without oil...

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