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Re: Why They Didn't Build the Avus (W engines exis

><< hasn't someone else designed a working W engine?  >>
>Anyone remember the Vector W8 Twin Turbo?
>wasn't it a true W config, I would assume because of the name, but if I
>recall the car was priced obnioxsiously high, like $350,000 USD.  I could be
>mistaken about that.

it was a V8.
W referred to jerry weigert, the guy who designed and built prototypes
that were going into production "next year" for a decade or so.
not sure if more than a handful were ever sold.

>  I wish Audi
>would stick to 1 nameing system like Mercedes or BMW.  Just my .02.
450SL, SL refers to the chassis
300TD, TD refers to the engine
just think of all the MB's over the years with "300" in the model


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