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Re: Techron: uses and abuses, a question

Sean Ford wrote:

>  Good morning, q-listers,
>     I have a question regarding Chevron Techron. Surely, a general
> automotive question, however, the original advice I received came from
> the
> list, so here goes... Techron will remove deposits from the injectors
> and
> lifters, n'est pas? Well, where exactly do the deposits go? I was told
> that
> it ends up in the oil, but how exactly? Does anyone know the path from
> the
> injectors to the oil?

Well Techron will do nothing for lifters. All the dirt gets in the oil
by blowby gas pass the piston
rings. And just go's out the tail pipe. Also some of the dirt on the
pistons and valves will show up
in the oil.

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