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Re: NEQ Corral '97 - Audi-Mt. Washington Hillclimb

My buddy, Steven Buchholz writes:

> I guess you must not have been follow the q-list traffic too much
> if you don't know what happened to the "blue storm fencing with the
> quattro logo" [you probably mean Audi logo].  Although I would
> deny knowledge of any activities, I can tell you that I saw some
> blue "storm fencing" with Audi logos on it at Devil's Playground
> at Pikes Peak on the 4th of July!  Frankly I was disappointed that
> Audi did not make an official appearance at the "Climb to the
> Clouds" ... and now I am downright pissed off at them that they
> would have such a reaction to the storm fencing incident ...

Damn!!!  I musta deleted that original message, seeing that the subject
didn't apply to me...

What is this?  Was Audi bitching about the blue "Storm Fencing...?"

Un-freakin'-believable!!!  (If you saw it on the tube while we were holding
it up, Yer Kindly Ol' Unka Bart was holding the left end)

>  ... perhaps I should get rid of all of my Audis and give AoA the finger!

Ney, Steve, don't do that, that Urq of your's is too nice to let fall into
someone else's hands.  But the finger bit works...

> I vote for someone taking the "storm fen-
> cing" back to the Audi folks and burning it on their front lawn!

Perhaps even better would be sending the "storm-fencing" to AutoWeek,
nicely packed with a large jar of Vaseline and a cover letter expressing
our disappointment.  The cover letter would request that the contents be
delivered, *together*, to the president of AoA.  The letter should be
solicitous in tone, and express the sentiment that we are returning the
banner to AoA as they obviously have a greater need than we, and we are
including the Jar of vaseline for obvious reasons, out of compassion ...