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RE: Bicycle Rack Question?????

I've had good luck with Yakima products(roof rack) on my 85 GTI and 87 5KCST. Thjey are very solid. The only drawback is the high level of wind noise, with or without bikes on it. I haven't tried a fairing, but that might help. Personally, I take the rack off when I'm not using it, since the contact pads give dirt, salt, etc. a place to hide on the roof. 


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Subject:	Bicycle Rack Question?????

I know this has been a topic before, but I now am need of a dual
bike rack for the '87 5kcs tq, and/or the '93 100CS.

Anyone have any good suggestions?

Roof vs. Trunk mount?

Also saw one in a mag where the front tire is up over the windshield.
What do you think?

Anyone with a roof rack ever drive in the garage with the bikes on

Any suggestions will be appreciated.