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VW + Audi = !!!

Saw this in the paper this morning:

"The new Volkswagen Passat that goes on sale in the United States is
moving over to the platform that spawned the Audi A4 and the
soon-to-be-launched A6.
It's all part of VW's strategy to consolidate its product range onto
four basic platforms: the AO (for small cars the U.S. market won't see,
such as the Polo), the A (Golf, Jetta, Beetle, and non-U.S. Audi A3
use), the B/C (Passat, A4/A6) and the D (Audi A8).
The Passat shares the same basic dimesions with the A4 except that its
wheelbase is three inches longer.
Preliminary base prices should start at $20,750 for the 1.8l turbo
[about $3000 less than the A4 1.8] and go up to $26,200 for the V6 GLX
[$200 less than the advertised starting cost of the A4 2.8, about $2000
less than a realistic starting cost].  Tiptronic transmission will cost
$1,075 [same cost as for the A4] and Synchro will add $1600 [same again
as Quattro for the A4]."

So here's my question:  When this all comes out, why buy an Audi?  For
the quattro?  The Synchro will cost the same.  For the status and
prestige of the Audi name?  Gimme a break--there isn't any!  For a solid
and well-built car that will last for many years?  VW has that pretty
well covered, too.  To show that you can afford a nicer car?  Well, too
bad, now the VW is not really that much less expensive, either.  All you
get for spending the extra $2000 or so is a few extra buttons, and a
bunch of people who say "Audi?  Never heard of that."