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Re: Why They Didn't Build the Avus (W engines exist)

> In a message dated 97-08-06 20:48:46 EDT, you write:
> << hasn't someone else designed a working W engine?  >>
> Anyone remember the Vector W8 Twin Turbo?
> Wasn't it a true W config, I would assume because of the name, but if I
> recall the car was priced obnioxsiously high, like $350,000 USD.  I could be
> mistaken about that.
AFAIK no Vector came with anything other than a pretty tweaked V8 ...
> P.S.  I find it confusing that Audi is goin to name the new "sport" A4 an S4
> this will really confuse some, me, if people don't put years in front of the
> car are they talking about an S4 from the 92-93 period based on the I5 turbo,
> or the new S4 based on the 4 series.  I think a much better name would be an
> A4S, but keep the names S6 and S8 since they haven't been used.  I wish Audi
> would stick to 1 nameing system like Mercedes or BMW.  Just my .02.
Well, I personally don't understand how you could be confused.  The S 
designation has always beent the standard for the sport version of the 
Audis since they started the A/S designation.  I don't see this as 
being any different than BMW with the M3 ... the first M3 was a depar-
ture from the standard 3-series styling, and IMO a rip off of the QTC. 
[AAMOF I was tempted to get a pl8 for my ur-q that read "M3 PROTO" :]
The current M3 looks a lot more like the standard production version.  I 
find this to be at least as confusing as using S4 again ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)