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VW + Audi = !!! -Reply

Well y'all are going to get tired of this lone VW's response (where
are ya Unka Bart, Thompers?).
Now that the Quantum Syncro and 4000csq's are 11~12 MYs old....I
slightly prefer the Syncro as a viable used car option.
VWs are less refined, offer fewer options, and therefore have less BS
electrical stuff to go wrong.  The engine and drivelines were
identical so there's no +/- here.  And the exteriors are extremely
similar...again no +/-.  Comes down to whether you're a seeedan or a
wagon type of feller.

I haven't yet driven the Passat Syncro (obviously) but am willing to
take a guess at the upcoming distinctions here too.

New VW syn v A4q:
See above.  I'm driving a brand new Passat right now.  Well they've
added electricals everywhere, but all you have to do is sit in the
seats to notice the differences.  VW leather seats are flimsy.  A4
very nice and snug (relative to VW anyway).  Also, internal door
levers, mirror adjustment, window motors all seem relatively cheap
compared to the A4.  In fact, the '90 CQ I drove last weekend had
quieter windows, door locks, mirror adjustments than the '96 Passat
VR6 I'm borrowing for the moment.

Sooo.  Even though I've been waiting literally years to add another
Syncro to the herd I am a little concerned about buying a new one
(can't believe I said that).  Not because of performance,
reliability, etc...but because I'd almost rather spend the extra 2-3k
on the A4 just to be more comfortable about a car I will probably end
up keeping 7+ years (if history is any indication).
However, the sedan v wagon idea doesn't stop here, because while it
appears more likely the Passat Syncro wagon will make it to the US,
it appears unlikely the A4 Avant tqw will make it here.
Derek D
86 VW Qtm Syncro
2.3L IN THE CQ&90csq? Sorry to yell)