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[Fwd: URQ engine electronic management, V8 gas engine]

Dear Q-listers,

I have two subjects to talk about :

- My 85 URQ engine does not run over 4500 rpm ; it happens from time to 
time and after three repairs (cheap) concerning some hoses (air leak 
said the mechanics), that have not resolved the problem, I was told that 
I had to change the engine electronic management box (I don't know the 
english word..) which costs about 12 KF (= $ 2000) . I wonder if it is 
possible to repair this electronic box (anybody knows an adress in 
France, Germany or UK ?) .

- Two months ago I have baught a 93 V8 which run with petrol or with 
gas, as I want . It is very interesting in France where I live because 
of the petrol price (6 F/liter, about $ 1/liter) and I think it could be 
interesting in most part of Europe ; I don't find any difference between 
the two motor-fuels, the car runs very fine with both . BTW it's the 
smoothest car I've ever had (I had a 200 TQ before it), which can be 
driven on highway at high speed in a deep silence...

Regards .