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100 grill surround

Well, I finally got the time to install my Kamei grill surround (9/82-11/90
100s, Satin - 44066, Chrome 44067) and it looks great! I'll try to get some
pictures avail shortly via a buddy's digital camera...

Manufactured of DUROKAM (tm), the high impact lightweight copolymer
material! (plastic) Available via mail order through Electrodyne who will
then ship to a local reseller w/no markup (I used TAP). Cost was 187.00 incl
shipping. Took 3+ months to get it due to backorder - normal is 6 weeks.
'Course those of us NOT in the US can get it quite simply by walking into
yer local Kamei retailer or D&W shop.

The grill surround on Carl Jerritt's "Beast" is pretty close to what it
looks like.

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