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Re: RCA cable question

>In message <UPMAIL17.199708080624230178@msn.com> "Sue and Pete Dieckerhoff" writes:

>> ... also because all wire is inherently directional.  Its a function of
>> the manufacturing process.

>Well, I used to make the stuff (literally - starting with copper rod and
>PVC chips) and _I_ don't remember doing anything to make it

I believe that's "high-end" audio jargon, Phil. They're weird lot, you
see. They prefer vacuum tubes to solid state. They use green pens and
Armor-All to get "better" sound from CD digital audio. And -- get this --
use various placement of Mpingo (sp?) tree (which is considered to be
"endangered species" as far as the tree goes) blocks to get "higher highs
and tighter lows." (Sounds kinky and illegal, doesn't it??)

And then there are the interconnects -- which is inescapable in any audio
equipment setup. Here, everything goes. Various fluids are used for their
"dielectric damping" abilities. One even literally use LIGHT as the
damping medium! And then there's one wire configuration after another.
These cables can cost upwards of US$10,000!! And of course, they're all
directional, high-end audiophiles say.


Hmmm.. that's a tough one. Uh, here's one! Many listers say how Audis
would come out of hiding in foul weather. Well, it seems to totally
opposite in the middle of corn field here in Nebraska. It seems like I see
more Audis in the summer (when it ain't raining) than anytime else. In
this suumer, I've seen some A4s, at least one A6, a Testarossa, and a GTO.
Prtty amazing in this middle of nowhere (and despite the baaad Audi

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