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Why They Didn't Build the

 -=> Phil Payne illuminates us with <=-
 PP> "S" is an equipment level designation - in German, "die S-Klasse". 
 PP> I'm not  sure that it stands for anything specific.  "E" is
 PP> "Einspritzer" or some  derivative, meaning injection. "L" is a
 PP> reference to the wheelbase - "Lang" for 
 PP> long.

Seems to be a few posts about how Mercyless Benz's are named.

It's been over 47 years since Daimler Benz has made a car
designated by a name instead of a number.

The newer numbering system is similar to the traditional
numbering system:

 The numbers refer to the engine displacement in liters. A 300D 
 displaces 3 liters, a 450SEL displaces 4.5 liters etc. (Doesn't
 explain the 350 SL's and SLC's of 1973 vintage though, although
 existing US models were rebadged by MB at no charge to 450) The
 EXCEPTION being, when a larger powerplant is introduced into
 the same body at a later date. Such as can be seen by the old
 450SEL 6.9, (killed by CAFE in 1980) and on the 190 2.4,
 the engine displacement is simply tacked onto the end.
 Logical, those boys in Deutschland.

The letters, if present, apply to the chassis, and are coded 
like this:
              S - Sports Model
              E - Einspritz (German for Fuelish Injection)
              L - Long (*when used in Sedans)
             SL - Super Leicht (German for Sports Light) *when used
                                 on sports cars
              D - Diesel
              T - Station Wagon (Touring and transport)  (NOT Turbo)
              C - Coupe

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