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The Hurdle TSD Rally

Hi All,

Here's a TSD Rally that is being hosted by the FCSCC. If you attend
please let them know that you heard about this event from the NEQ.

FCSCC Announcement and Registration form follows:

On Saturday August 23 the FCSCC will present the Hurdle TSD Rally
featuring slow to moderate speeds, flyng controls and paved roads. The
course is aprox. 60 miles in length and will utilize the most scenic
back roads in the towns of Southington, New Britain, Plainville, Berlin
and Farmington CT.

The Hurdle begins in the Denny's/Motel 6 parking lot in Southington, CT
located off exit 32 of Rte 84. The Rally finishes at Plainville Stadium,
a bar/restaurant themed around the Plainville Stadium Motor Speedway, a
1/4 mile paved oval.

Registration is from 9AM - 10:30AM Saturday August 23rd
Rally School from 9:30AM - 10:45AM
Official Start Car #1 11:31AM
Aprox. Finish Car #1   2:30PM

The entry fee is $20 per car. General Instructions willbe mailed to all
entries recieved by August 13, 1997.

Entries should be mailed to, and questions asked of, Rallymaster:
Jon & Kelli Lamkins, 77 Johanna Circle, Southington, CT 06489
e-mail: john.lamkins@snet.net

Drive:					Navigator:

Street:					Street:

City/State/Zip:				City/State/Zip:

Phone:					Phone:

Mail Generals to (circle one): Driver    Navigator

Class: A  ____	B ____	C ____	D (Novice) ____  F (First Time) ____	

Car Make/Nodel:			Year:		License:

Entry Fee ($20)					$________
Total (Checks made payable to: FCSCC)		$________

The entrant warrants that an auto insurance policy with liability limits
of not less than $100,000/$300,000/$50,000 is in force for each vehicle
entered. In signing this form, I agree to abide by all the regulations
and decisions of the Rally Committee.

Driver Signature:_______________________

Navigator Signature:____________________