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[Fwd: Re: Wire is directional????]

Mike Arman wrote:
> >Date: Fri, 8 Aug 97 06:17:43 UT
> >(Answer to:) From: "Sue and Pete Dieckerhoff"
> >Subject: RE: RCA cable question
> (Snip)
> >......, but also because all wire is
> >inherently directional.  Its a function of the manufacturing process.
> >TTFN,
> >Adam

> Reminds me of the BS tale I deliberately told someone once about AC wires
> vs. DC wires and that's why your motorcycle doesn't run. See, the insulation
> on DC wires is sort of like fish scales, and if you put the wire in
> backwards, the electricty leaks out between the scales and nothing comes out
> the other end of the wire . . . now go away and leave me alone until you've
> rewired your bike with the correct DC wires! (and don't come back).

> Mike Arman

Wow, you almost figured out the Italian theory of electricity. It turns
out that electricity is actually composed of smoke. This is why when you
see smoke comming out of the insulation of the wiring in an Italian
piece of exotica (Ducati, Ferrari, etc.) you can bet there is a hole in
the insulation letting it out. Just ask any owner of these vehicles.
They have seen it. :-)
'91 200 20v tq
'86 4kq