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Re: RCA shielding

-- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --

>If you really want to control noise, run a balanced pair so that noise

Sure, but when was the last time you saw car stereo equipment with XLR

82 Coupe with Kenwood/Yamaha fully star grounded.  And boy were those 4
Vecteur line level cables a dog to harness and solder directly to the
Kenwood's output (got rid of all those foolish DIN to RCA adapters...)

BTW, now that I'm really off-topic, the Vecteurs (originally one pair of 6 m
. interconnects) never sounded "good" - and when I hacked them apart to
consider using them in the car I found out why - the sheild was grounded at
BOTH ends!  Can you say EMI/RFI hash?

Back to my Audi, I have the two signal cables and the 6 GA ground wire for
each side running forward next to the front seats, in a split loom protector
that, remarkably, matches the looks of the e-brake handle.  Slick.

And if anybody's stuck with me this far...

The power windows are in and working!  The pass. side power mirror is fixed
and working (see other one-topic post).  I just need to remount the mirror
switches out of the rain.

Next project:  The exhaust from the 81 5kt goes onto my 4kq downpipe.  This
is a nice 2-1/4 system - hope the cat is good, I don't want to spend ANY

Next but one:  The camshaft from the 5kt.  Which means replacing the valve
seals while I'm in there.  Anyone got the special tools for pulling cam
followers (lifters) with the head in place I can borrow?  There's a fitting
to put copressed air into the cylinder, a plier like doohickey to lift up
the follower, and the protector to install the seal without tearing it. 
According to Mr. Bentley, anyway.

Next but two:  Ah, the dreaded brake/wheel switch.  An 82 coupe with 15"
rims and four disc brakes will be nice, though.  And thanks already for some
on the input on this job I have received from some of you!


Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers