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Re: 5ktq shock questions

At 04:19 PM 8/8/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I have not yet obtained a Bentely nor btdt replacing shocks on a 5ktq. I
>intend to do both soon. Can someone enlighten me as to the procedure and/or
>any special tool requirements? I have done this job twice on 4kq's but never
>on a big one. I'm told the fronts are easier and come out the top ala a
>'murican car. Can someone who has recently btdt drop me a note on their
>experiences? All the bushings *look* okay and I have no clunks, groans, etc.
>coming from my suspension. What are the common wear items like on the 4kq
>(i.e. strut bearings) that should be done with new shocks? TIA...

Front struts come right out the top - no alignment change, no big deal. Hold
the old strut piston with one or two vise grips or you'll tear the upper
strut bushing (consider buying 2 new ones, they're like 13.00 ea). a spanner
cap covers the strut cartridge. I can do fronts in 1 hour on a bad day. 
Rear shocks and coils come out as a unit (BTDT four times in 2 days this
week) - 3 thirteen mm nuts up top, one 19mm bolt out the bottom. You'll need
a spring compressor to put it back together.
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