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Re: VW + Audi = !!!

Elliott Potter wrote:
> So here's my question:  When this all comes out, why buy an Audi?  For
> the quattro?  The Synchro will cost the same.  For the status and
> prestige of the Audi name?  Gimme a break--there isn't any!  For a solid
> and well-built car that will last for many years?  VW has that pretty
> well covered, too.  To show that you can afford a nicer car?  Well, too
> bad, now the VW is not really that much less expensive, either.  All you
> get for spending the extra $2000 or so is a few extra buttons, and a
> bunch of people who say "Audi?  Never heard of that."
> Elliott

As sad(?) as it is, let face it:

U.S. isn't the most important market for VW. Nor is it for BMW, Merc and
so. I wouldn't be surprised, if VW AG made a proper research, say, in
Czech Republik or Danemark (not speaking about Germany) and decided to
what we see. As I remember, Passat was an upscale car in these places.
And, sorry, guys - what would be a place for the all-new Skoda Octavia,
is considered (according to an Austrian newspaper) as "Merc-1xx -
killer" and
is all, but cheapo crappy car Skodas used to be 10 years ago?
True, Skoda will never see these shores - but it DOES exist. Like SEAT,
instance. We should be happy to get such good cars, as Passat or
cheaper in the U.S. than they sell themself in the Europe. Is the
of VW products in the U.S. wrong? Maybe. So what, let's suggest VW/AoA
to make
a much worse Passat, sell A4 for 40K and A6 for 60K?