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Re: VW + Audi = Quantum Syncro

Dear Elliott:

Your point is well taken - the cars are probably very similar.  GM
exploited the brand differentiation issue to the extreme, as you can buy
the same car with 5 names and for 5 prices (Chevrolet, Pontiac, Olds, etc.)

I drive an 86 VW Quantum Syncro, which I love because it combines the
functionality of a wagon with what amounts to almost a race car in
performance, especially in the rain here in Florida.  In my specific case,
I love to "personalize" the car, so it has a number of changes from the
original (US) model (front grille/headlights, 7x15 wheels, 215/50VR50
tires, steering wheel, etc.)

However, there is an excellent article written by Eliot Lim on the Web that
explains some of the differences between today's Syncro and Quattro
features - you may want to chewck it out.

> From: George Rath <lxl@dnai.com>
> To: epotter@abraxis.com
> Cc: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Re: VW + Audi = !!!
> Date: Saturday, August 09, 1997 2:10 AM
> Elliott Potter wrote:
> > 
> > So here's my question:  When this all comes out, why buy an Audi?  For
> > the quattro?  The Synchro will cost the same.  For the status and
> > prestige of the Audi name?  Gimme a break--there isn't any!  For a
> > and well-built car that will last for many years?  VW has that pretty
> > well covered, too.  To show that you can afford a nicer car?  Well, too
> > bad, now the VW is not really that much less expensive, either.  All
> > get for spending the extra $2000 or so is a few extra buttons, and a
> > bunch of people who say "Audi?  Never heard of that."
> > 
> > Elliott
> As sad(?) as it is, let face it:
> U.S. isn't the most important market for VW. Nor is it for BMW, Merc and
> so. I wouldn't be surprised, if VW AG made a proper research, say, in
> Austria,
> Czech Republik or Danemark (not speaking about Germany) and decided to
> do
> what we see. As I remember, Passat was an upscale car in these places.
> And, sorry, guys - what would be a place for the all-new Skoda Octavia,
> which
> is considered (according to an Austrian newspaper) as "Merc-1xx -
> killer" and
> is all, but cheapo crappy car Skodas used to be 10 years ago?
> True, Skoda will never see these shores - but it DOES exist. Like SEAT,
> for
> instance. We should be happy to get such good cars, as Passat or
> A4/A6/A8
> cheaper in the U.S. than they sell themself in the Europe. Is the
> pricing
> of VW products in the U.S. wrong? Maybe. So what, let's suggest VW/AoA
> to make
> a much worse Passat, sell A4 for 40K and A6 for 60K?
> George