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Re: How do I unsubscribe?


If you have only a passing interest, you can create a "Quattro" folder, and
use the "Inbox Assistant" to place all Quattro messages in that list.  That
way anything you receive from the list goes to that folder and does not mix
with your normal Inbox e-mails.  Makes it easy to delete or review later.

Good luck!

86 VW Quantum Syncro

> From: walker7@ix.netcom.com
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: How do I unsubscribe?
> Date: Friday, August 08, 1997 10:08 AM
> Hello Everyone,
> Well, all good things must come to an end.  As much as I have enjoyed the
quattro comraderie over the past couple of years, I must now depart the
list.  My problem is I don't log in to my e-mail nearly as often as I used
to, and my q-list mail is very prone to piling up and crashing my e-mail
program.  So, it is with great regret that I ask... How do I get off this
> TIA, as so long,
> Andre
> '91 Coupe Q aka "Q COUP 91"
> PS Is the Coupe list up and running?