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Re: Also looking for a v-8

Unka Bart wrote:
> G'day fellow Qheads,
> Well, Yer Kindly Ol' Unka Bart has patiently endured long enough!  No more
> moping around the keyboard, jealously reading about other folks with
> problematic cars, broken window winders, bad bombs, UFO breaks 

I guess they are UFO "breaks"   :-)

We've had our "beast" ('91 200 20v tq) for 3 weeks now. It's still fun.
Just can't get used to the tach and speedo being reversed from my '86
4kq and the old '84 4k. Hmm, I must be going faster than 30 mph??? Ohh,
wrong guage, 85!! Yikes.  Also, "tested" the ABS/UFO's the other night
from 65mph. Stopped in time.