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RE:Fault code 2221? 5k Tq

> Date:          Fri, 08 Aug 1997 12:26:21 -0700
> From:          russ southerlin <russell.s.southerlin@ast.lmco.com>
> To:            clark@rmi.net
> Cc:            quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject:       RE:Fault code 2221? 5k Tq

> Chad,
> Sounds like your ECU is not seeing the manifold vacuum/pressure because
> either a bad hose or intermittant ECU.
> Putting your TAP box back in might also be an easy check.
> Russ
> 87 5KTQ
>     Well guys, after checking all vacuum lines to the ECU and near the manifold, I
 couldn't find a defective line- at least visually. Before jumping in real deep and
checking all hoses with pressure and a guage, I decided to stick my TAP box
back in and make some runs. 2 days later and no check engine light whatsoever.
I hate to point at IA's box as the culprit but it must be for now. Time will tell and 
thanks to everyone for all the reply's I received. 

Chad Clark '87 5 Tq - Happily boosted to 16psi again!