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RE: Pirelli P700Z Tires (low Audi content)

Sean Douglas wrote:

>So I re-mounted the tires like this:
>   front of car
>    / \         / \
>    / \         / \
>    / \         / \
>    / \         / \
>It would make sense to me that the ribs should be pointing in the same

Well, yes it would make sense to me too, especially in the wet.  However,
seems to be a problem.  If your diagram shows the pattern of the tread as
tires touch the road (i.e. what you would see as tracks if you drove over
then the outer edges of the grooves hit the road before the inside/center
which would tend to push water to the center of the tire instead of
it AWAY from the center.  Hydroplaning could result.

In Kwattro's case, only one side of the car would be subject to
thus spins could result!

Just a thought ...

-Mark Quinn