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4kcsq question/wrapup

Hi all,
  Thought I'd share a few thoughts on my 4kcsq which I got on the roads
today. This project has been great (and this list certainly made it
easier), and I now have a great red 87 4k which only cost $600! (plus
alot of love, a parts car for $500, and a few odds and ends). I would
encourage anyone with an interest in getting dirty and learning to get a
couple of these and fix one up. 

  My car had been hit in the right rear, crumpling it, the bumper, the
lights and the trunk. All these parts came off the other car. The repair
was quoted at $2000- 3500 (if I supplied the parts no less!!). Because
of this, I took the home approach, tied the car to a tree, and went.
this, plus some hammering, and some bondo, and the car looks really good
(not great, but it's pretty hard to tell unless you know to look). The
weird noises I was experiencing were from the right rear wheel bearing
(my third guess), and the muffler was swapped with the other car and now
sounds great. I even got to add red leather door panel from the other
car (much better than the black cloth ones). A new stereo, a buff and
wax job, a new thule rack, and the Vermont express is ready to go.

One thing I noticed today was the climate control. With the a/c on, the
air coming through the center vents is cold. With it off, the air coming
through is hot, and the side vents are sending out really hot air (like
hair drier hot). Is this normal (I doubt it)? Any ideas why? Where the
radio goes is really getting warm, and I don't want to fry it. If I
close the center vents, the hot air leaks in through the floor vents,
and it's hot! This happened when it was 85f and was just as bad at 65f.
The thermostat gauge was just a notch above even.

Any ideas would be great!
87 4kcsq hot car!
86 4kcsq dead car!