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I canna giv her any more kap'tin

Coo, Ive just managed to get an indicated 151 on the speedo. Thought I'd 
mail it now, cause when I get home, the 'feds' might be waiting for me 
and I`ll never be seen again, because its so dangerous to do that kind of 
speed on a deserted motorway at 23:00hrs on a Sunday night. 
It took me ages to get passed the BM 325i which seemd to join in this 
Sunday night jaunt back from Hull (it turns out he lives in Grimsby) 
which also included a 20V quattro (rev limiter in top gear), Cosworth 
Escourt (indicated 148) and a 2ltr Audi Coupe showing a rather optimistic 
140 on the clock.
Not bad going for a car using nigh on 20 year old technology.

The reason for the trip to Hull was because Max Power (a rather sad british 
car magazine) was there. Having walked around the car park looking at the 
vast array of cars on show, most being Vauxhall Nova's I might add, I 
didnt see one car, beside the 20V quattro, that I would like to swap mine 

I just didnt realise how lucky I was having a quattro :-)

Michael Burton
Systems Administrator, PA Data Design
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