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Re: bmw for sale?

Elliott Potter wrote:
> Ha!  That's just what those snobby/a**hole/moron BM owners need--to be
> driving Chryslers!  hehehehehe...
> That's not to say that all BM owners are snobby/a**hole/morons, but you
> know the type I'm talking about (especially, or maybe only, if you're in
> the US; sorry...) that think they're a)invincible b)better than
> *everybody* on the road c)really, really, cool...
> Elliott
> DISCLAIMER  I know this will come up, so let me say right now (again):
> -not all BM owners are snobby
> -not all BM owners are a**holes
> -not all BM owners are morons
> -BMs are probably fine cars if you happen to like that sort of thing

In Europe Chrysler Vision (alias: Eagle Vision) is marketed as an
car. I wouldn't mind to drive a Chreysler, if it has ca. the same build
quality as, say, 5xx or 320 or my A6 QW. Unfortunately it hasn't.

On the other side, Jag is owned by Ford - and it doesn't prevent some
(but by far ont all) Jag owners to be snobby, a**holes and morons.

Sure, there may be snobby moron a**holes between A6 QW drivers - me, for