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Re: NEQ Corral '97 - Audi-Mt. Washington Hillclimb

In a message dated 97-08-11 00:52:01 EDT, you write:

<< On this note, I figure that Audi has made about 26,000 $ off the 86
4000CSQ I
 own.  That's a rough estimate, but I think it's pretty acurate.  All I've
 gotten are the bills, and a lot of smiles.  And some headaches.  I would
 really like to get something from them (AoA) signifing that I own a piece of
 history.  Call me selfish, but I really don't think its too much to ask,
 especially if Volvo and BMW can do it. >>

I was really thinking more along the lines of a 1 year membership to the
Quattro Club, payed by AoA.  As I said, Volvo and BMW do it....

Carter J