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Re: bmw for sale?

Elliott Potter wrote:
> Chrysler is trying to do the same thing here, too--We have Eagle here as
> well.  The big problem with trying to make a big deal of having a luxury
> division and keep it somewhat seperate, is that dealers that have any GM
> car have the same GM cars; Chrysler/Jeep/Eagle.  They're all about the
> same in build quality.

Uh-oh. I am "here" (i.e. California Republic), but it wasn't always so.
Sure, "we" have Eagle here ;^P  - but the dealer will give you all his
tives (and may even the holdback) if you buy one. On the other side of
Big Ocean there is no Dodge, no Eagle, just "Chrysler". The funniest
the Euro-"Chrysler Vision" has the same Eagle logo on it.
My dad was visiting us in CA and I suggested him to get the Eagle Vision
- it is
(for Euro-prices) incredible cheapo here and the dealer was VERY
At that time the $ was relatively low, too. Unfortunately, he bought a
Almera (a downscale Sentra, VERY fortunately not available in the U.S.)
at home.
And the $ went up quite sharply in the meantime - i.e. the Eagle won't
be as cheap
for him as it used to be this winter. But it may be not as bad. He will
come here
again, I have a VW-card and I will convince him to buy the new Passat -
a better
choice, than Eagle.

I have a big antipathy against Nissan and Infinity cars. (Questionable
crash test
in all U.S. models, crappy engines and bad crash test in Euro-spec