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Rear brakes, other ramblings

Rear brake mileage: Wife's 91 Mazda 323 finally needed rear brakes at 90,000
miles. Reason was fronts were finally shot, and I decided to do 'em all when
I had the chance. Biggest problem is getting her OUT of the car so I can
work on it! No, dear, I won't change oil with the engine running - and
you'll have to let it cool off a little, too! (Filter very cozy with exhaust
manifold.) She's in the car ALL the time and has positively FLOGGED it from
day one. Car is as reliable as an anvil (and almost as exciting). Note to
Phil - US 323 is a different car than UK 323. Ours is an econobox, UK 323
slightly more upscale.

Her 323 is worlds more reliable than my 5000 - but also much noiser, much
less comfortable, much more twitchy at highway speeds, generally, its a
"cheap" but reliable car. 5000 always has SOMETHING exotic, subtle, hard to
diagnose and potentially expensive wrong with it, but all it takes is a
short drive and I forgive it all its sins.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman