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Re: More ??oversteer, understeer. Bridgetsone Ice Driving School.

> From: Louis A. Mulieri <lmulieri@zoo.uvm.edu>
> To: quattro list <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: More ??oversteer, understeer.
> Now I have this AWD and so far so good but what do I do when (1) the 
> front end breaks loose and (2) when the  back end breaks loose or heaven 
> forbid both (although it felt like this was what was happening last 
> winter when I played in empty icy parking lots.  At first I thought of it

> as shifting from AWD to RWD if the front broke loose and shifting from 
> AWD to FWD if the rear wheels broke loose but somehow this seems
> 	Perhaps I need a book.  Any suggestions.

The Bridgestone Winter Driving School.  The most fun you can have without
taking your' parka off.   Colorado quattro folks usually have an event
there around the first of Feb. I went in '96 couldn't make it in '97 but
plan to be there in '98.  Basic idea is teaching dynamics of driving in low
traction conditions. At the low speeds on their course you have plenty of
time to learn and understand - just before hitting that snowbank...